Let there be light, part two


“Let there be light, part two”, approaches Interaction Design by positioning “man” at its focal point. Correlating real world environments and the human sensory perception, this course approaches both theory and application of interfacing. As technical innovation and contemporary art intersect, and merge into a symbiotic duality, this course disperses the dichotomy by illustrating, in essence and practice, how these two terms are co-dependent. By planning and designing lighting fixtures, the “learning by making” hands-on discipline is well implemented in the process of phasing together industrial production procedures and the language of design. Through a dialogue between traditional crafts and cutting edge technological advancements, students gain the experience of developing and producing interactive Projects, all while familiarizing themselves with digital programming and electronic prototyping. The key goal is grasping the connection both virtual and physical worlds share, by understand the relationship between conceptual and actual. It is an introduction to basic proficiency in computer science and coding, as well as an encouraging journey to discover an independent style for creating interfaces. Instructors update the course’s internet site during the entire semester so as to continuously communicate with all students and other interested parties as quickly as possible, providing immediate response to all participants.

Bezalel school of art and design / Jerusalem

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