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DIY wii IUAV venice
During one intensive week students built their own Wii remote (Wiimote) and designed original Wii mini-games, learning a bit of electronics, rapid prototyping and game interaction design in the process. See how they did it and build your own!

Homebrew Wii Workshop @ Interaction Design Venice

The workshop was held at Interaction Design Venice, a department of IUAV, where Yaniv Steiner joined Philip Tabor and Gillian Crampton Smith, who run the department. Together, continuing the IDII heritage, they utilized their Learning by Making approach and the instantSOUP methodology. During this one intensive week, design students who had only a limited technical background learned how to prototype a fully functional Wii remote using simple, available technologies (a PC keyboard, tilt sensors), and design a unique mini-game interaction specifically for the Wii. Benefiting from having a working prototype, students were able to quickly design and experience a Wii mini-game on the PC, using Flash and Processing, bypassing the learning curve of programming for the Wii, and having a lot of fun in the process.
Most importantly, students gained confidence in their abilities to generalize, design and build for here and now, using affordable technologies.

DIY wii

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Miguel Cabanzo
Davide Cocchi
Benito Condemi de Felice
Luca De Rosso
Alessandra Florian
Francesco Fraioli
Pamela Moscarda
Giovanna Nicosia
Nicola Plaisant
Tamara Romeo
Margherita Urbani
Marco Zamarato

Philip Tabor
Gillian Crampton Smith
Yaniv Steiner

With The Assistance of

Giorgio Olivero
Ofer Luft

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