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In the past, entities like IDII (the legendary Interaction Design Institute Ivrea) and free thinkers such as Walter Aprile, Britta Boland and Stefano Mirti have published outstanding, user-friendly books and other booklets that present and exhibit Projects, students’ profiles and portfolios, and commercial content, along other academic materials. These were made in an easy to read format, colorful and catchy to the eye, filled with interesting content, supported by a “clean” visual-design theme.
Such endeavors are “IDII Almanaco” and “Interaction Design Primer” to name few. Other great examples of similar features are sets of publications by Joaquin Ivars from Universidad Europea de Madrid. With accordance to this, and their approach, and since we syndicate many WordPress-based websites, we thought we might experiment with the content we already have, by redesigning it to a more stylish and flowing format. This resulted in an additional module, so that while still maintaining a straight-forward WordPress-based website, one can present content in a different and perhaps more elegant and minimized fashion. One can also create dynamic full screen presentation, using simple keywords and non-liner navigation. The use of the full screen presentation ability becomes rather useful when applied to the academic world. As students post their assignments directly on the class website, they accumulate online materials and documenting their process in real time. The front-end can provide a unify format for all presentation, aggregating the content of each student directly from the website. In some ways the additional front-end is an easy path to students and educators to create an online entities containing the workshop body of knowledge, and at the same time serve as a internal presentation tool for each assignment / Student.

Following the fluent and sharp design, we started to shape a simplified Flash “add-on” that will render visually specific posts or pages from our host WordPress-based websites. The focus of the task was to change as little (if any) of the original structure of the original WordPress installation. In fact the only change made is a small irrelevant line of code in the RSS feed generator of WordPress. To put it in a non technical terms,


Full screen
PC users (.exe format) [ Download]
Mac Users (.hqx format) [ Download]
Linux Flash Player (.swf file) [ Download]

Website format
Classical use of Flash embedded in HTML
Viewable by most browsers [ LINK ]

What is it?

An integration of a WordPress “back-end” with a Flash “front-end”
By aggregating RSS feeds, a Flash-based interface generated out of snippets of posts and web pages into a booklet / brochure like format
This combines the straight-forward approach of browsing a physical brochure or booklet, while fully enjoying and comprehending the visuals and concepts of the site.
The changes to the WordPress installation are incredibly minimal, amounting only to an upgrade to a single installation file, and an uploading of a Flash (.SWF) file, along with its HTML holder.

Simply putting it – your WordPress or any other website that provides RSS feeds, can be shaped like the following front-end.


You can buy the full .FLA source code for only 18$*

* Limited price for June – July 2009 only.

Project by: Saar Shai and Yaniv Steiner.