Yaniv Steiner

Fascinated by his first computer in 1984 Yaniv started his long voyage in the realm of digital media. Initially, he delved into digital hardware and software development acquiring a vast knowledge in computer and micro-controller hardware and spent uncounted hours programming, until mastering a wide range of computer languages.Alongside, he developed an all-encompassing passion for computer games, playing them by the thousands and building, developing and designing his own. Having gained in-depth knowledge in the development and application of new technologies during many years of work as programmer, human-computer interaction designer, information architect and consultant, Later Yaniv moved to Italy and started teaching at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea. In his teaching, Yaniv has implemented his own method of ‘learning by doing’ developing a hands-on approach that provides designers and artists with tools to help them enter the world of computers, programming and prototyping concepts that involve digital behaviors, thus enabling them to produce interactive artifacts.

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Relevant Career Highlights

Visiting Professor – Alghero, Sardinia

The Faculty of Architecture – University of Sassari
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Professor – Bezalel, Jerusalem

Bezalel school of art and design.
“Vaihi Or – Part II”
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Visiting Professor – IUAV, Venice

Iuav Università di Venezia – “Telecomunicazioni” course – 2006.
“Designs, which create design”
A workshop on design methodologies of dynamic media
Graduate Program in Visual and Multimedia Communication
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Professor – Interaction Design Institute, Ivrea

Yaniv provided his technology HCI and programming expertise. He advises on software and hardware Projects, and is involved in the planning and teaching of special Workshops as part of the academic program. His field of work is physical computing, information architecture, computer games, programming & social engineering.
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Head of R&D — Experientia

Experientia is an international experience design consultancy helping companies and organizations to innovate their products, services and processes by creating valuable user experiences. People and their experiences are the company’s reference point. Starting from here the guidelines are taken for conducting research, developing creative strategies, creating solutions, design prototypes and collecting test results.
Experientia is based in Turin, Italy, and is a member of the Finsa Group.
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Founder and Developer – Prototype

Yaniv’s objective in the creation of Prototype is to link a myriad of interaction Projects via content, areas of interaction and, most importantly, the global network of people affiliated with the work.
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Founder and Game Designer — Adamo Games

Adamo Games is a company that creates and distributes online flash-based games with hundreds of thousands of users each month. In addition, Yaniv develops games for leading websites such as miniclip.com, Kazza and Yahoo.
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Co-Founder – ThePlayStation.org

Created in 1998, ThePlayStation.org is an independent online radio station providing streaming music and related content to a worldwide audience. At ThePlayStation.org, Yaniv developed online games and gaming platforms, video-over-web platforms and various other web applications.
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Users Tree of Knowledge

Along with Oren Zuckerman (MIT) and Orit Shmaya (MIT)
Senior Consultant for Intranet, hardware, networks, and system administration
The company developed a new tool for asynchronous group collaboration over the web, using Internet notes.
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Head of the R&D Team
VConf is an Internet and network solutions company that develops videoconference applications, web applications, as well as digital web-based entertainment.

Zapa Digital Arts

Senior Technical Consultant and Head of viral marketing team. Zapa Digital Arts develops innovative interactive media products and software.
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Bashan Systems

Large scale Intranet network implementation
Bashan Systems implements and manages large-scale information systems with focus on government workplaces; it is a subsidiary of Formula Soft Israel, part of the Formula Group.
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Antitrust Authority

Responsible for the design and creation of the computer infrastructure system – Antitrust Authority Israel.


Computer and Networking Engineer / Programmer
Development of an application for the Helpdesk and Sales departments for Brother International.
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Selected Workshops:

Hitachi – Surveillance and Sousveillance

The typical view of video surveillance as being increasingly intrusive and potentially dangerous is widespread. Could student designers in a workshop truly rethink the possibilities for video surveillance? Could there possibly be positive value both for those in front of the camera and those behind it?
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Mattel – Play Experiences for the Next Generation

Children discover the world through play. Playing shapes mental and physiological development, social relationships, identities, and learning processes. The emergence of the computer as an interactive medium has elevated the importance of computer play and computer games, which are of particular commercial interest.
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Hitachi — storage capabilities

Increasing storage capabilities require new ideas regarding how to organize, tag, browse, search, select and view data. How to access, navigate and share digital memories. This workshop explores the multiple scenarios of keeping, organizing and accessing memories of the past in the context of the current increasing storage capabilities.


InstantSOUP is a path into electronics using the approach of “learning by doing”, introducing electronic prototyping in a playful, non-technical way.
InstantSOUP is intended for an audience of design students — interaction design, product design, architecture — and for people who work with Macromedia Flash
It makes the first steps into the world of physical prototyping almost as easy as preparing Instant Soup.
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Selected Exhibitions:

Touch Me at the Victoria & Albert Museum – London

Touch Me explores the pleasures and sensations of touch, looking at the designed world surrounding us now and to what the future holds in store.
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Tecno — Salone del Mobile 2005 — Milan

During the Furniture Fair 2005 in Milan (Salone del Mobile) Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, in collaboration with Tecno, presents ‘Strangely Familiar Future. Unusual objects for everyday working life’. A collection of working prototypes for office environments that reveals the playful and poetic side of interaction design.

THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT / San Siro Stadium — Milan

During the Furniture Fair in Milan participation of IDII to the event promoted by the magazine Domus – in collaboration with the Consorzio Milan and the magazine Rolling Stone- in Europe’s most important football stadium.

Science Festival – Genoa

Four interactive Projects that promote a vision of communication in today’s digital world. In true accordance with the general spirit of the activities promoted by Progetto Italia, the Workshops are accessible to the public. Participants are able to immerge themselves in new technologies, discovering the pleasure of learning by doing. The Workshops deliberately employ a low-tech approach and are built around the theme of communication. Starting from a simple activity like drawing their own portrait, the kids are confronted with different technologies: from the pencil to the computer, passing through a whole series of different tools.

World Vision – Frieze

Four interactive Projects and an inflatable interactive environment into which to enter, look, touch and test.