Saar Shai

10 years ago


An inventor and an entrepreneur at times, also illustrating, copywriting, interaction designing, patent editing, web mastering, applications developing and mine sweeping.

Currently well into promoting the Ringbow initiative as a founder and creative director of the company.

Past Positions:

– Head of strategy and development, Hamichlala Leminhal incubator
– Youth Physics and Electronics tutor, Maskilon
– Children’s books designer and creative consultant, Zivlin Media
– Geometry 3D designer, Guy Paz self publishing
– Copywriter and graphic designer, Inbar-Merchav-Shaked
– Copywriter, Adler-Chomsky-Warshavsky GPS
– Copywriter and web designer, Saatchi Interactive of Bauman-Ber-Rivnai
– Webmaster and leading Projects manager, CrazyMind
– Flash games developer,
– Applications consultant,
– Applications consultant and patents editor,
– Concept artist, Experientia
– Illustrator, Dr. Mark Friedman Patent Attorneys
– Webmaster, Bezalel Academy online pilot
– The Chief, Halo 1, 2 and 3


May 31, 2007 at 6:37 pm by saar

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  1. Will · May 31, 2007

    Hi – I’m interested in the flash front end to wordpress project…is there a way I can talk to you about it to understand how it’s done, get files, etc?