Objects of large opportunities

Friends of Fritzing – Potsdam, Germany
With the new funding comes a reconsideration of the goals of Fritzing. The initial workshop that kicked off Fritzing development in September 2007 proved to be a very fruitful experience: we gathered the physical computing crowd to discuss the general goals of the project. It is now time to review how far we got and to plan the next stage. Please take the opportunity to shape the future of physical computing Participants are invited to give a short presentation about their experiences and proposals, followed by group sessions to brainstorm future directions of Fritzing and Physical Computing in general. Plus two long nights of socializing.

“Objects of large opportunities” By Yaniv Steiner

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In this workshop, similar in spirit to the first one, we will exchange experiences with the first releases of Fritzing and brainstorm how the work should continue. The main topics will be the three main use cases that we envision for Fritzing:

* documentation and sharing,
* pcb production,
* teaching physical computing.

Ayah Bedir, Jeff Hoefs (littleBits, NY)
David Cuartielles (K3, Malmö / Arduino)
Durrell Bishop (luckybite, London)
Gero Herkenrath (RWTH Aachen)
Jan Sieber (Bauhaus-Uni, Weimar)
Jens Ewald (Muthesius, Kiel)
Jussi Ängeslevä (UdK, Berlin)
Olaf Val (Kh, Kassel)
Tom Hulbert (RCA, London)
Tom Igoe (ITP, NY / Arduino)
Yaniv Steiner (nastypixel, Turin)

and the extended Fritzing team: Reto Wettach, André Knörig, Zach Eveland, Jonathan Cohen, Dirk van Oosterbosch, Brendan Howell, Mariano Crowe

June 24th & 25th 2008
at the FH Potsdam, Germany (near Berlin)