Flyngers Controller


What is it?

Flyngers is a conceptual platform consisting four customized controllers made for playing Guitar Hero – like games (1). After examining the way users play such games (“Frets on Fire“, mostly), few basic conclusions became clear:

* Playing “Frets on Fire” using a keyboard is lame, and needless to say very uncomfortable
* The “Guitar Hero” original controller makes terrible noises while playing
* Playing with a plastic guitar opposing to air guitar seems a miss and somewhat geeky

With that in mind, the conceptual design followed these few basic rules:

* The controllers were designed to enhance the air guitar experience while playing such games.
* The keys were amended and are mostly silence, whereas clicks are hardly heard.
* The customized controllers were hand-made, produced in limited additions / per-orders.
* Each design was developed in both wire and wireless versions.
* The customized controllers were tested in public and found suitable for heavy “Guitar Hero” and “Frets
on Fire” players.

Ending-up with the stylish, fitting and totally rockin’ flyngers controllers, the experiment was complete, marking not only a fun and challenging course, but also yielding some sleek instruments to play with.
So assuming you are a real rock’nroller, way past “Slow Ride” and beating the devil in Georgia – don’t you want to have a wicked, rocking, flames-all-over controller made from fluid metal, just to show them all (Slash & friends included) who owns them….?


People love Guitar Hero and Frets on Fire! Yet, while both games are amazingly addictive, it became apparent that the controller was the main issue in the equation (especially in FOF). With that in mind, what was to be done is design a more suitable, easy to use and efficient solution for the overall experience. This was done as part of a workshop called HODI Humanization Of Digital interactions held in Alghero, Sardinia Italy. Part of the workshop was learning to produce prototypes in very small qualities, budget them and use simple guerrilla techniques to sell them online. Finally, four different possible solutions emerged. it was a surprise to discover at the conclusion of the process desirable, robust and efficient controllers that can easily be reproduced.
You are encouraged to actually build one yourself following the easy Howto guide. You need only repeat the process. Still, if you wish just to have one of those limited additions, hand-made, slick controller – just lets us know.

Following are our four design-concepts. Click on each picture to have a closer view, and how to order one.