Campus Party 2008

Campus party

Playing on interaction design – Campus Party 2008 – Valencia
The workshop tries to offer a kind of “walkthrough” to the world of physical-computing and rapid prototyping, in a non-technical and playful way. The workshop was designed to accommodate participants that may not have much technical background, mostly coming from the fields of design, art and architecture. By using open-source environments, utilizing a hands-on approach and experimenting with physical-computing, participants will gain knowledge about the emerging field of Interaction-Design. During the workshop, participants will experience the crafting of an electronic-gaming related object, while learning rapid prototyping techniques and electronic “hacking”.

The outcome for this workshop is to design and build a custom-made game-controller for music and rhythm related computer games. Following a rapid procedure, in which participant will get their hands dirty, they will end the workshop with a physical and fully functional game-controller which they themselves have imagined, developed and fashioned. This device can be used on all computer platforms (PC, Mac, Linux, etc.) to play a verity of musical computer games.

On the playful side

The workshop will be accompanied by loud background music of screaming guitars, thick soldering smoke (typical to sweatshops), and a “digital Woodstock” atmosphere.
The physical prototypes may also invoke hidden desires in participants to become rock-stars, as part of the workshop deals with “playing” instruments and performing.