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  • What is InstantSOUP?instnatsoup

    InstantSOUP is a path into electronics using an approach of “learning by making”, introducing electronic prototyping in a playful, non-technical way.
    It was developed following the experience gained in teaching physical interaction design at Interaction-Ivrea.

    InstantSOUP is intended for an audience of design students – interaction design, product design, architecture – and for people who work with Macromedia Flash™ and Action Script.
    It makes the first steps into the world of physical prototyping almost as easy as preparing Instant Soup.
    InstantSOUP is a way to connect the virtual and physical worlds. It teaches how to make physical input devices for games, how to connectrepurposed electronic gadgets to Flash, how to activate physical objects from remote locations and even how to create little robots.
    When you start mixing the different soup ingredients your possibilites are pretty vast.
    InstantSOUP uses the Wiring language and prototyping board developed by
    Hernando Barragan in Interaction-Ivrea.

    InstantSOUP BY:

    Yaniv Steiner – Project Leader.
    Massimo Banzi – Faculty Lead.
    Giorgio Olivero – Interaction and Visual Designer.
    Paolo Sancis – Information Designer.
    Ofer Luft – Advisor.
    Riccardo Strobbia – Web.
    Michal Rinott