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    In this recipe we will tinker with a small remote-controlled car. Instead of the remote control buttons we will use Flash and Wiring to control the car.
    We highly recommend that you take an opportunistic approach when it comes to electronics. Many times you can find the same electronic unit that you want to build inside an existing unit such as a toy or some other ‘off the shelf’ product.


    Remote control, wireless, RF, tinkering, hacking, toys,


    Tinkering with a remote-controlled toy car using

    – Boolean

    What you will learn

    How to modify a simple electronic toy in order to be able to control it from Flash through Wiring.

    New concepts introduced in this recipe

    Understanding the basics of tinkering with ready-made electronic units
    Using optocouplers to interact with ready-made electronic units (the toy car)
    Using proto-boards and soldering
    Using “off the shelf” chips (4N35)

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