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    The XML broker basically allows users to access the computer serial port from Flash via XMLSocket to read and write data to the serial port.

    When the software runs, it creates a server in the local computer. This server opens the serial port for reading and writing and listens for network connections to attend. When data arrives from the serial port it sends it to the network clients connected and when data arrives from a network client it writes it to the serial port. Macromedia Flash can connect to it via XMLSocket. This also means that any other flash client on the internet can read and write data to a computer’s serial port just by connecting to the IP address and port of the server enabling this way people to do networked projects, or Tele-control physical things by attaching a microcontroller to the serial port.

    The communication is buffered, but if necessary, data can be sent immediately by writing a character 10 (ascii 10) from the microcontroller attached to the serial port, specially where timing is critical and things need to be processed in real time.


    The software works in Windows and macosX, it requires java installed in the local computer, (java is installed by default on the Mac) and a serial port connection. On the Mac and in some PCs a USB to serial adapter is required to connect most microcontrollers. Keyspan USB adapters had been tested to work fine.

    Unzip the installation file, and modify the interface.properties file, set your serial port and network port in which you want to run the server.

    Two scripts are provided to run the server, run.cmd for windows and runmac for osX.

    The microcontroller serial port settings should be 9600 Bauds, N, 8, 1.

    Where can I download the XML broker ?


    PingPong Serial – Full XMLsocket for Flash to communicate with Wiring And / Or Arduino – .FLA and Wiring code included – download here